Monday, November 5, 2012


Vintage is very in style right now- but maybe it's the hipster in me speaking- but vintage is getting kinda mainstream.
So why don't we move on to RETRO?! similar to vintage but more colorful and expressive. Here's a great example.
I love this for the most part but the shorts are kinda short (that could be my catholic schooling influence finally coming out in me)
Please tell me your thoughts on this idea. Comment below! Love you guys!


A great, classy, patterned skirt is a must have in every girls wardrobe. This one has a medium size print to draw the eye but not in a distracting and rude way. The black in the skirt makes it easy to accessorize. For example: those CRAZY chic booties. How gorgeous?!?!?!?
please comment you opinions!


Another great look!! Am I the only one obsessed with this blazer??? I can't be the only one...
When I was a much less experienced seamstress I tried making a cream lace skirt. Let's just say it failed epically. Oh dear god it was bad.. I tried pleating it and it turned out looking like a stiff mess. If I was to try it again (and I'm sure I will) I would make a simple circle skirt and add an elastic covered waistline and maybe add a belt. I haven't even attempted to make a blazer or jacket of any kind. I hate working from patterns but I wouldn't dare risk attempting a blazer without one. So I'm on the lookout for a great blazer pattern.
What do you guys think of this look? Please comment. I'd love to hear from my followers.


My very first fashion blog! Here's to all the fashion lovers out there in need of inspiration. Love all of you.
Here's one of my favorites. This outfit is dressed down with simple accessories but dressed up with lace and a classy blazer. What do you like (or dislike) about it? I'm always open for comments.